• Explorer "Portraits"

  • From the Album Motion

  • "This long-lead tease promo is for the reboot of "Explorer" - TV's longest running documentary series. In this new re-imagined season, there's a host, a studio, and multiple topics covered each week. Finding a way to cover a lot of topics, and introduce that new host was a unique challenge...and our idea actually was inspired by our key art campaign which featured portraits of Richard Bacon, with each Explorer story 'leaving its mark' on him. We took that portrait idea and translated it into a TV spot to introduce the idea and create some connection for the whole campaign launch. Big thanks to Richard Bacon for allowing us to douse him with 3 gallons of honey, put him in a body bag, make him eat REAL bugs, cover him with paint, and make him sit in a box of swamp water. Thanks also to our partners at BPG and Rebel Films for pulling it all together in production and post!"

    SVP/Global Creative Director Andy Baker
    Creative Director Tyler Korba
    Creative Director Design Brian Everett
    Project Manager Maricruz Castillo-Merlo

    Andy Baker - Director
    Steph Sebbag - Executive Creative Director
    Whitney Sullivan - Account Director
    Ben Apley - Executive Producer
    Lara Wickes - Producer
    Brian Barnes - Associate Producer
    Josh Kraszewski - Director of Photography
    Frederick Snyder - Editor
    Shawn Bean - Assistant Editor
    Danielle Jang - Designer/Animator
    Soundbyte - Sound Mix
    Crash Carlucci - Colorist

    Director: Ian Karr
    DP: David Waterstson
    Production Design: Brian Tubbs
    Head of Production: Jonathan Jacobson
    Producer: Evan McCaffrey
    Production Manager: Lionel Cineas
    Coodinator: Justin Etheredge
    Audio: Sarah Myers